Welcome to the Bochnia County

Welcome to the Bochnia County The Bochnia county in numbers

The Bochnia county covers the area of 649 sq km, what gives it 10th place among 22 counties in The Lesser Poland Voivodeship. It consists of 9 communes: 1 urban commune (Bochnia Town Commune of 30 sq km), 1 urban-rural commune (Nowy Wiśnicz Town and Commune of 82 sq km) and 7 rural communes: Bochnia (131 sq km), Drwinia (108 sq km), Lipnica Murowana(60 sq km), Łapanów (72 sq km), Rzezawa (87 sq km), Trzciana (44 sq km), Żegocina (35 sq km).The Bochnia county is inhabited by 100,726 citizens (according to data from 1 January, 2007). The biggest city in the Bochnia county is Bochnia, its capital, with 29,404 inhabitants, which is 29% of all county population. Taking into account the population of the communes, the greatest one is Bochnia commune with 18,458 citizens and the smallest one is Żegocina commune inhabited by 4,973 people.

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