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  • The Salt Mine in Bochnia

    Dodano: 17.09.2008 The Salt Mine in Bochnia
    The salt mine in Bochnia is the most unique monument and at the same time the greatest tourist attraction in the Bochnia county. This oldest mining plant in Europe had been functioning since 1248, what makes more than 750 years. The salt and its extraction have contributed both to the development of the town and the whole region. At present, because of running down the salt deposits, the salt mine...
  • Basilica of St. Nicolas in Bochnia

    Dodano: 14.10.2008
    The present-day Gothic church comes from 15th century (circa 1445). It was raised in place of a wooden church having existed before the town was given municipal rights in 1253, founded by duchess Grzymisława – Boleslaus the Chaste’s mother, and instead of a later bricked structure which burnt down in a great fire in Bochnia in 1440. The main altar with the painting of St. Nicolas comes from 1772...
  • St. Bartolomeus Church in Łapanów

    Dodano: 14.10.2008
    A wooden Gothic church under the vocation of St. Bartolomeus was built in 1529 with the use of some carpenters’ elements from the previous medieval church. It is of the log construction with a roof with many sloping sides above the chancel . The temple was rebuilt at the beginning of 17th century – the Gothic ecclesiastical accessories were changed into Baroque and Rococo ones. The interior is equipped...
  • The Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz

    Dodano: 14.10.2008 The Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz
    It is a Baroque castle with five towers and a courtyard with an arcade gallery. It was raised by members of the Kmita family in 15th century. In 1593, after the last of the Kmitas’ death, the castle was bought by Sebastian Lubomirski and converted into a Baroque fortress between 1615 – 1640. Later, it became the possession of the Potocki and the Zamoyski famillies. In 1901 the fortress came back...
  • St. Leonard Church in Lipnica Murowana

    Dodano: 14.10.2008 St. Leonard Church in Lipnica Murowana
    By tradition, the church under the vocation of St. Leonard was erected in 1141 in place of a pagan mast church. Svetovid statue which supported St. Leonard altar is said to be its remains. The present – day church, built in the same place, comes from 15 century and is a valuable monument of wooden architecture. It belongs to the oldest and best - preserved Gothic wooden temples. The temple is even...


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